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  • 11 Security Commandments - (part 1)

    11 security commandments 11 security commandments

    Whilst building on “good security”, the commandments specifically address those areas of security that are necessary to deliver a de-parameterized vision. The commandments serve as a benchmark by which concepts, solutions, standards, and systems can be assessed and measured.

    1. The scope and level of protection should be specific and appropriate to the asset at risk.

    • Business demands that security enables business agility and is cost-effective.

    • Whereas boundary firewalls may continue to provide basic network protection, individual systems and data will need to be capable of protecting themselves.

    • In general, it is easier to protect an asset the closer protection is provided.

    2. Security mechanisms must be pervasive, simple, scalable, and easy to manage.

    • Unnecessary complexity is a threat to good security.

    • Coherent security principles are required which span all tiers of the architecture.

    • Security mechanisms must scale; from small objects to large objects.

    • To be both simple and scalable, interoperable security “building blocks” need to be capable of being combined to provide the required security mechanisms.

    3. Assume context at your peril.

    •  Security solutions designed for one environment may not be transferable to work in another. Thus, it is important to understand the limitations of any security solution.

    • Problems, limitations, and issues can come from a variety of sources, including geographic, legal, technical, acceptability of risk, etc.

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    4. Devices and applications must communicate using open, secure protocols.

    • Security through obscurity is a flawed assumption – secure protocols demand open peer review to provide robust assessment and thus wide acceptance and use.

    • The security requirements of confidentiality, integrity, and availability (reliability) should be assessed and built in to protocols as appropriate; not added on.

    • Encrypted encapsulation should only be used when appropriate and does not solve everything.

    5. All devices must be capable of maintaining their security policy on an un-trusted network.

    • A “security policy” defines the rules with regard to the protection of the asset.

    • Rules must be complete with respect to an arbitrary context.

    • Any implementation must be capable of surviving on the raw Internet; e.g., will not break on any input.

    To be continued in 11 Security Commandments (part 2).


  • Buying Interactive Whiteboard in Nigeria

    Interactive whiteboard for business | Chert Nigeria Interactive whiteboard for business | Chert Nigeria

    What are interactive whiteboards?

    There are two very different kinds of interactive whiteboards: The first is a ‘virtual’ electronic version of a dry-wipe board on a computer that enables learners in a virtual classroom to view what an instructor, presenter or fellow learner writes or draws. It is also called an electronic whiteboard and can be found in conferencing and data-sharing systems such as Microsoft Net Meeting. The second type is a large physical display panel that can function as an ordinary whiteboard, a projector screen, an electronic copy board or as a computer projector screen on which the computer image can be controlled by touching or writing on the surface of the panel instead of using a mouse or keyboard. This briefing is about the second type of interactive whiteboard. Typically, interactive whiteboards are used in lecture or classroom environments and the technology allows you to write or draw on the surface, print off the image, save it to computer or distribute it over a network. You can also project a computer screen image onto the surface of the whiteboard and then either control the application by touching the board directly or by using a special pen. The computer image can be annotated or drawn over and the annotations saved to disc or sent by email to others.

     What are the benefits?

     _ Because interactive whiteboards are so like conventional whiteboards, they can help even technophobe teachers to use this medium with ease for presentations from the front of the room.

    _ They help in broadening the use of e-learning because they rapidly demonstrate the potential of alternative modes of delivery.

    _ They make it easy for teachers to enhance presentation content by easily integrating a wide range of material into a lesson, such as a picture from the internet, a graph from a spreadsheet or text from a Microsoft Word file, in addition to student and teacher annotations on these objects.

    _ They allow teachers to create easily and rapidly customised learning objects from a range of existing content and to adapt it to the needs of the class in real time.

    _ They allow learners to absorb information more easily.

    _ They allow learners to participate in group discussions by freeing them from note-taking.

    _ They allow learners to work collaboratively around a shared task or work area.

    _ When fully integrated into a VLE (virtual learning environment) and learning object repository there is potential for widespread sharing of resources.

    _ When used for interactive testing of understanding for the entire class, they can rapidly provide learner feedback.

    How do they work?

    Fully-functioning interactive whiteboards usually comprise four components: a computer, a projector, appropriate software and the display panel. The computer is connected to the projector and whiteboard. The projector displays the computer screen image onto the board. Action on the surface of the display panel is communicated with the computer over a cable  or wireless connection and interpreted via the installed software. Display panels can be either front or back projection. Additional components are available for some systems, including handheld key pads for gathering individual responses and interactive white board tablets: in effect a small personal version of the larger board. Some systems employ plasma screens instead of a projector, but they are very expensive and are therefore not considered further here.

    There are three different kinds of interactive whiteboard technologies:

    Resistive Membrane

    These whiteboards have a soft, flexible surface similar to vinyl consisting of two pieces of resistive material separated by a small gap which creates a touch-sensitive membrane.  They can be drawn on using fingers or a special stylus that can represent pens of different colours via software selection. Movement is tracked by detecting the pressure of the stylus object on the surface. The co-ordinates correspond to the area on the computer monitor.


    These whiteboards are similar to traditional whiteboards in that they have a hard surface and can be drawn on with normal pens. To work interactively they require special battery-driven pens that emit a small magnetic field detected either by the frame of the whiteboard or by a grid of fine wires embedded beneath the surface of the board.

    Laser Scanners

    These whiteboards have a hard writing surface with infrared laser scanners mounted in the top corners of the board that detect pen movement.  To work interactively they require special felt pens, each of which has a uniquely encoded reflective collar that the lasers use to register its colour and position.

    Where and how are they being used?

    Interactive whiteboard for schools | Chert nigeria Interactive whiteboard for schools

    They are being used extensively in UK schools and in further and higher education. While they are less common in further and higher education institutions, where they are most often used by teacher training departments, there are some instances of their use across most discipline groupings.

    They can be used to:

    _ Write over the top of programmes to highlight and annotate points.

    _ View and navigate the Internet from the whiteboard. Surf and display websites that the entire room will be able to see in a teacher-directed manner.

    _ Promote group working. Students can approach the whiteboard and add their contribution to the discussion by writing directly on the whiteboard. Groups can view and solve interactive problems together.

    _ Work collaboratively on word processing documents, spreadsheets, design projects with colleagues.

    _ Connect to video conferencing systems.

    _ Allow staff or students or both to move around a screen without the use of a computer because the screen itself is sensitive.

    _ Offer the same features as a traditional whiteboard such as writing directly on the board, marking objects, highlighting or labeling elements on the screen, and erasing errors but with the ability to save or print out the results without any additional effort.

    _ Offer an on-screen keyboard that floats over the software, allowing you to enter text or data into almost any application.

    _ Enable editing on-screen and recording of changes or additions.

    _ Provide an electronic flipchart (up to 99 pages), with all notes and diagrams saved as an HTML file for later use across an Intranet, allowing an archive to be easily maintained and displayed.

    _ Allow notes to be stored and made available to students who missed the presentation or lecture.

    _ Present student work to a wide audience.

    _ Show video clips that explain difficult concepts (in any curricular area).

    _ Demonstrate how an educational software programme works, e.g., an art programme with students using their fingers and hands to draw rather than working with a mouse.

    _ Cater more effectively for visually-impaired students and other students with special needs, using, for example, drag and drop exercises with graphics instead of text to test learning.

    _ Create drawings, notes and concept maps in class time which can be saved for future reference or issued as instant handouts for the lesson you have just given.

    _ Allow the tutor to monitor or see what each student has on their screen and choose which screen to display on the whiteboard in a networked environment.

    _ Run on-line tests and opinion polls and display instant feedback to the group.

     **Not all interactive whiteboards offer all the above features.

     At Chert System Solution, we also offer training to ensure that of clients get the best use from the interactive whiteboard.
    *** Call us for more information about Training for teachers.
    *** We sell all Major Brands - Smart, Hitachi Starbord, Cleverboard, Promethean , Polyvision and Panasonic Panaboards
  • 5 tips on buying a server for your business in Nigeria – Tips for first time buyers!

    5 tips on buying a server for your business in nigeria 5 tips on buying a server for your business in Nigeria

    Is it time your business owned its own dedicated server?  Well, you are in the right place. If you are looking to purchase a dedicated server in Nigeria, you need to consider a few factors. One must consider the need for a robust and scalable server solution and the practicality within the Nigerian context. Here are some of the tips to apply before buying one for your company.

    1. What do you want your server to do? : -

    Decide why you are buying the server. You can purchase a server for centralized data storage and shared resources, centralized backup, file and network security to mention just a few. In addition, if you are looking to improve workflow within your organizations and reduce data loss, then you should think of getting a server. Once you have decided what services you will be running on the server, it is time to take the next step.

    1. Set the Required Server Capabilities:-

    You should continue your search by determining the capabilities that the hardware should possess. Check out for capabilities such as server security, storage size, workload management and partitioning. However, these capabilities vary from one brand of server to another. One of the ways you can enhance server security is by the use of firewalls to control exposed services on the network. Increase storage size by purchasing additional hard drives. If you define the requirements from the very beginning, you will narrow down your options. The more refined search and accurate the options, the better chances of buying a quality hardware.

    1. Server redundancy:

    Businesses in Nigeria are likely to suffer financially from a server outage due to circumstances like electricity failure, buy a server that includes readily available backup components and software, to minimize losses in downtime.

    1. Network Support and Future Planning:-

    Over the next two to three years, your company’s present data and network capacity will expand. Therefore you should buy servers that not only serve you now, but also are equipped enough to give you results in coming years. Buy servers that will support network expansion, particularly in terms of memory, storage and scalability. Study shows that most of the companies double their volume of data each year, and they need frequent memory upgrades to support the performance of applications. If the hardware purchased meets the needs of today but fails to function tomorrow, new hardware might be required sooner than anticipated.

    1. Ensure that the server can take the heat.-

    We are all aware of the loud sounds that comes from a regular desktop, when the internal fan is activated to prevent overheating. This often occurs with smaller servers, especially when there is not a dedicated air-conditioned room inside the business to prevent this effect. You can speak with a member of our technical team for recommendations. High-end servers with an advanced feature set will be able to sense when it is overheating and activate the necessary measures to prevent damage. Popular server manufacturer such as Dell and HP include this heat-sensing protection mechanism. It is always better to buy well-known brands that offer local support in Nigeria.

  • 10 reasons to upgrade to Veritas Backup Exec™ 15 today!

    If your organization is like many others, you’re facing an increasingly complex backup and restore dilemma for your environment— whether virtual, physical, or a combination of both. Veritas Backup Exec™ 15 is designed to remedy that complexity by delivering a backup and recovery solution that meets your needs, with a host of powerful features that will help you save time, get more reliable backups, fast, easy recoveries, and reduce costs.

    Here are 10 reasons you’ll want to start using Back

    1- Incredibly fast.

    In fact, Backup Exec 15 delivers backup and data deduplication faster than previous versions.* It doesn’t matter if you’re backing up physical servers, VMware®, or Microsoft® Hyper-V virtual machines—you’ll get reliable backup and recovery in less time than you thought possible. With faster backup speeds, Backup Exec helps you reduce your backup windows and saves you time.

    2- Store less with efficient deduplication.

    Backup Exec 15 helps you keep pace with growing data volumes with integrated, block level, data deduplication. Unlike point solutions that deduplicate data per backup job, you’ll get greater storage savings with Backup Exec 15’s data deduplication technology that deduplicates data across your entire virtual and/ or physical environment. For even greater efficiency and enhanced storage savings, Backup Exec 15 includes change block tracking that only backs up the blocks that have changed, rather than backing up every block of every VM in the infrastructure.

    3- Easy to use.

    BackupExec 15 comes complete with an easy-to-use interface with intelligent dashboards and intuitive wizards that provide the visibility you need to quickly track and monitor every backup and recovery job. It also saves time and simplifies the implementation of backup protection—with a few simple clicks, you can set backup jobs, view backup status, and perform recoveries.

    4- Designed for optimal virtual machine protection.

    Backup Exec 15’s integration with Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and VMware vStorage™ APIs for Data Protection (VADP) provides reliable and consistent application-aware backups for all your virtual machines. Using the latest technology, Backup Exec 15 minimizes CPU, memory, and I/O load performance impacts on the virtual host. By executing post-processing tasks that don’t impact the backup window, such as log truncation, collection of meta data, and searchable catalogs, Backup Exec 15 delivers highly optimized backup and fast, agile recovery of granular application data directly from storage.

    5- A single product for both virtual and physical environments.

    Forget purchasing, deploying, and managing separate backup solutions for your physical and virtual machines. Backup Exec 15 protects both physical and virtual environments from single server environments to thousands of servers/virtual machines—all with a single solution. You can get a complete picture of your entire backup and recovery status from one administrative console at any time. If scalability is important to you, rest assured that Backup Exec 15 will support your backup and recovery needs as your organization grows.

    6- Backup to virtually any storage device.

    When it comes to storing critical data, Backup Exec 15 has flexible options—so you can backup to virtually any storage device including disk, tape, dedupe storage, appliance, or a third-party cloud. There’s no need to be locked into buying a specific storage device and increasing your storage costs.

    7- Fast, efficient, and versatile recovery.

    You can easily find and recover data—at any level. Because Backup Exec 15 intelligently indexes and catalogs backup data, you don’t have to waste valuable time and disk space mounting the backup job, determining what’s inside, and searching for specific data. With a few simple clicks, you can recover virtual machines, applications, databases, files, folders, and granular objects directly from backup storage including individual objects from Microsoft® Exchange, Active Directory®, SQL Server®, and SharePoint®. Backup Exec 15 simplifies and speeds up recovery when you need it most. Backup Exec 15 also includes—at no extra charge—Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) technology for minimizing downtime and business disruptions. In the event of a disaster, Backup Exec 15 can recover an entire server from a bare metal state to the same hardware or dissimilar hardware in minutes—instead of hours or days.

    8- Centralized management.

    Backup Exec’s centralized administration console delivers scalable management of distributed Backup Exec servers and reduces the time and resources needed to manage your backup operations.

    9- Simple to acquire and deploy.

    Backup Exec 15 is a cost effective backup and recovery solution that’s easy to acquire, license, and deploy. With Backup Exec 15, you’ll have an affordable solution with licensing options that best fit your organization’s needs. Choose from three licensing options—per TB, per socket, per module.

    10- Supports the latest platforms and operating systems.

    Backup Exec extends its industry leading support for VMware and now includes advanced integration with VMware vSphere® 6: ESXi™ 6.0, vCenter™ 6.0, Virtual SAN 6, Virtual Volumes, vSphere 6 security certificates and VMware EVO:RAIL. Backup Exec also adds support for granular recovery of VMware Virtual Machines with GPT disks and VMware Virtual Machines with larger than 2TB volumes.

  • Reducing Cost and Complexity solution brief

    When it’s time to upgrade or expand the backup or disaster recovery hardware infrastructure, many customers follow a traditional path to acquire, build, and integrate their own servers and storage. It’s a reflex that is well known, but also one with hidden productivity costs. Eliminate the time and effort of installing, configuring, and maintaining your backup and disaster recovery hardware and software components with the Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance

    How an appliance simplifies IT processes and saves money
    Using an integrated appliance for backup and recovery is a better solution for simplifying IT tasks, increasing productivity, and saving money. In fact, many NetBackup customers are already successfully using deduplication storage appliances in their environment, often with Veritas™ OpenStorage. However, even greater operational and capital savings can be achieved with a fully integrated backup appliance that also supports OpenStorage.


    Netbackup 5230 Appliance


    The Veritas NetBackup™ 5200 Series Appliance is a pre-configured, pre-installed, backup
    solution that easily fits into existing NetBackup environments without disrupting operations. Data centers, remote offices, and virtual environments get more efficient, storage-optimized data protection while reducing capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenditures (OpEx). Simply install the NetBackup appliance, and your new media server or remote office solution is up and running in under an hour.

    Key NetBackup Appliance CapEx savings:


    • Storage  — Reduce storage cost by replacing tape with Veritas intelligent deduplication.
    • Space     — Save valuable floor space by combining both the backup server and deduplication storage into one appliance.


    7 Reasons why appliances improve your NetBackup infrastructure


    - Drive down operating and capital expenses

    - Eliminate tedious media server maintenance

    -Provide intelligent end- to-end deduplication for up to 36x faster backup vs. target deduplication appliances.

    - Ready to backup in under one hour with pre- configured and pre-installed NetBackup software

    - Flexible to deploy to remote offices, data centers, or disaster recovery sites as a master, media, or both

    - Direct VMware® vSphereTM Backup (no proxy servers needed)

    - Built-in WAN optimization for cloud backup and replication


    NetBackup Appliances - Reducing Cost and Complexity solution brief

  • Is this the most popular servers for SME's in Nigeria?

    HP or Hewlett Packard is a name to reckon with in the Software, Hardware and services industries. Be it printers, laptops, storage solutions or servers, you can expect the very best from this American multinational IT company. HP boasts of top-standard, software defined, cloud compatible servers which help ease any kind of workload. When you invest in HP Proliant Server DL380 you are assured of flawless performance, utmost reliability and expandable option to meet small and medium sized business compute demands.

    A new entrant in the HP 2P rack portfolio, HP Proliant Server DL380 has already drawn the attention of buyers who are looking for consistency in performance, easy service feature and almost round-the-clock availability along with a comprehensive warranty clause. Starting from installation till maintenance, DL380 is one of the easiest manageable servers from the HP family that effortlessly supports any IT environment. Be it a simple task or a crucial and confidential application, the HP Proliant Server makes sure that it can be deployed with confidence.

    If you have already fallen for this server’s highly flexible design, world-class performance, energy efficiency and Agile Infrastructure Management and have decided to buy the HP Proliant Server DL380 online then do conduct a little bit research before finalizing the purchase. While there are many e-commerce stores, online software and hardware retailers offering HP servers at competitive prices, there are few e-stores who have been able to stay ahead of the competitors in grabbing major market share.

    In case you have never explored Nigeria based e-commerce stores dealing with technology products then it’s time to give these a close look. As per a recent report stating that Nigeria's software segment is worth a whopping $12bn that automatically shifts attention towards this marketplace. No wonder then that in recent years quite a number of IT companies, suppliers and retailers have come up in Nigeria who are competent and proficient enough to do business globally.

    Take some time out and explore all sorts of options before you buy the HP Proliant Server DL380 online. To begin with you need to shortlist a few reliable online stores which provide authentic HP products. It would be great if you can check out reviews of customers who have done transactions with the site. Take a look at the product category. All renowned brands that offer servers have products of varied configuration to meet different client needs. In the HP Proliant category also you will find BL, DL and ML servers. Now if you are interested in a specific DL server, 380 series in this case, then do check out its features and facilities to assess whether these indeed fulfil your business requirements.

    There are many e-commerce stores based in Nigeria which keep offering lucrative deals on HP Proliant servers. If you are sure to buy HP Proliant Server DL380 online then make it a point to compare prices and features from multiple stores. Also enquire if any discount is being offered on the particular purchase. Follow these simple tips and empower your business with DL 380’s awesome features.

                  Resource Box:

    If you are looking to Purchase Cisco ASA products online  then the author of this article recommends Chert System Solution Limited.

  • The Deep Web Explained by Keanu Reeves

    From Visually.

  • Cyberattacks are costing businesses over £30bn yearly

    Security Breaches Infographic

    Security concerns are keeping businesses awake at night – not just the threat of breaches themselves, but the means by which their company is left susceptible to threat.

    But with this worry comes the need to act. There are a number of ways organisations can alleviate concern, implementing preventative measures rather than waiting for the inevitable to happen.

    Traditional passwords have proved time and time again to be unsecure. The Ashley Maddison hack confirmed this, with the most common passwords for the site including predictable choices such as '123456' and 'password'. Organisations should be looking to advance their solutions in this space, deploying biometric passwords or a token based authentication such as RSA SecurID across all employee devices to make the environment more secure.

    Additionally, companies can benefit from introducing context into the network, controlling where and when data is accessed from various locations. Geo-sensors add an extra layer of protection, using IP addresses to block suspicious log-in attempts, whilst not hampering the employee experience.

    To accommodate a world where billions of users access millions of applications daily, companies are embracing cloud solutions to efficiently deliver and mange services through a single portal – including security management. Providing a multi-layered defence, the cloud can protect any device from any location from cyber threats.

    However whilst all these tactics play an important role, educating the workforce on best practice is at the heart of a successful security strategy. Many data leaks are a result of employee behaviour rather than the devices they are using. As such, informing employees about the risks of collaboration services such as Skype or Dropbox, whilst ensuring they are not acting on dangerous spam emails, will allow businesses to tackle security concerns at the root of the problem.

    Cyberattacks are costing British business an estimated £34bn a year – with this figure only set to increase as our modern workplaces becomes ever more digital. Organisations need to address their security concerns head on, implementing solutions and educating employees to protect data and access to company information for employees inside and outside the office environment.

    Security Breaches – an infographic by the team at Insight UK

  • HP Proliant Servers-Tips For First time Buyers!

    Is it time for your business to have its own file server? Well, you are in the right place. The need for a robust and scalable server solution can be met by the purchase of an HP Proliant server. Here are some of the tips to apply before buying one for your company.

    1. Set the Required Server Capabilities:-

    If your company is in a need of server, you should begin your search by determining the capabilities that the hardware should possess. HP servers would be the most sane buy if the capabilities such as enhanced security, workload management and partitioning matter the most. If you define the requirements from the very beginning, you will narrow down your options. The more refined search and accurate options, the better chances of buying quality hardware.

    2. Network Support and Future Planning:-

    Over the next two to three years, your company’s present network capacity will expand. Therefore you should buy servers that not only serve you at the present moment, but are equipped enough to give you results in coming years. Buy servers that will support network expansion, particularly in terms of memory, storage and scalability. Study shows that most of the companies double their volume of data each year, and they need frequent memory upgrades to support the performance of applications. If the hardware purchased meets the needs of today buy fails to function tomorrow, new hardware might be required soon than anticipated.

    3. Ensure that the server can take the heat.-

    We are all aware of the loud sounds that comes from a regular desktop, when the internal fan is activated to prevent overheating. This often occurs with smaller servers, especially when there isn't a dedicated air-conditioned room inside the business to prevent this effect. Do some online research or you can speak with a member of our technical team for recommendations. High end servers with an advanced feature set will be able to sense when it's overheating and shut itself down to prevent damage. A server from a no-name manufacturer will sometimes lack this heat-sensing protection mechanism. It is always better to buy well known brands that offer local support in Nigeria.

  • Is your warehouse solution performing?

    Transform Workforce Performance and Deliver Superior Bottom Line Results

    Increasing accuracy and productivity are mandates with today's ever-increasing pressure to contain costs and meet customer expectations – all of which depend on an efficient, well-trained and motivated labor force. Intermec solves these issues with innovative, purpose-built products with integrated Vocollect Voice solutions and services that improve workflows, deliver superior user preference and bottom line results.

    Product Spotlight

    Enables in-premise applications to reach their full workflow performance potential.



    Delivers quick deployment, the fastest print speed in its class, and proven reliability.



    Incredible motion tolerance and omni-directional scanning in our most robust package.



    Fully extensible, voice-centric, mobile solution providing the ultimate in worker flexibility.


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