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  1. The Future of Video Conferencing

    The Future of Video Conferencing
    For decades, video conferencing has been a nice-to-have feature for most businesses, but not a necessity. Thanks to advances in both hardware and software—as well as the growing demand for visual communications among millennials in the workforce—that’s all about to change. Despite the decrease in bandwidth costs, both hardware and software continue to improve video quality while using better compression methods that...
  2. The Evolution of Video Conferencing

    The Evolution of Video Conferencing
    It all started way back in 1964. Although telephones and television were nothing new, it was at the World Fair of 1964 in New York where video conferencing truly captured the imagination of the public. That’s where AT&T first presented the Picturephone. Although it was undeniably an incredible piece of technology – even if the images were small and blurry...

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