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output stackers

output stackers

Have your prints stacked and/or stapled automatically with one of these convenient extras for your printer/copier.

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  1. Xerox OFFLINE-STAPLER output stackerZZZZZ], 498K08260

    Xerox OFFLINE-STAPLER output stacker

    Part Number : 498K08260

    6 In stock

    Convenience Stapler (left Hand shelf required for Copier)
  2. Lexmark 40G0850 output stackerZZZZZ], 40G0850

    Lexmark 40G0850 output stacker

    Part Number : 40G0850

    1 In stock

    MS81x Staple Finisher
  3. Lexmark 40G0853 output stackerZZZZZ], 40G0853

    Lexmark 40G0853 output stacker

    Part Number : 40G0853

    1 In stock

    MS81x High Capacity Output Expander
  4. HP LaserJet Booklet Maker/FinisherZZZZZ], CZ285A

    HP LaserJet Booklet Maker/Finisher

    Part Number : CZ285A

    3 In stock

    LaserJet Booklet Maker/Finisher
  5. HP LaserJet Stapler/Stacker with 2/4 hole punchZZZZZ], A2W82A

    HP LaserJet Stapler/Stacker with 2/4 hole punch

    Part Number : A2W82A

    1 In stock

    HP LaserJet Stapler/Stacker with 2/4 hole punch
  6. Lexmark 42K2300 50sheets output stackerZZZZZ], 42K2300

    Lexmark 42K2300 50sheets output stacker

    Part Number : 42K2300

    1 In stock

    CX825, CX860 Staple Finisher (integrated)

Show 6 Item(s)